BIAN Data Architecture Certification


The objective of BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist is to provide knowledge and comprehension of the BIAN Architecture and BIAN Business Object Modelling (BOM)

Each training includes an exam leading to the appropriate certification.

  • Course Focus:   Preparation for the BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist Exam
  • Audience:         Technical implementation staff
  • Duration:          Four x 4-hour sessions during a two-week window
  • Mode:               Virtual instructor led or classroom
  • Class Size:       10-15

Each delegate receives

  • BIAN Data Architecture exam vouchers
  • BIAN  Data Architecture course materials
  • Business Object Modelling ( BOM ) Workbook
  • Access to practice exams
  • Exam preparation support

The BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist Exam

After completing the training, delegates receive access to the official BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist exam

This is a closed-book exam consisting of 60 questions, to be taken in 60 minutes. The pass mark is 70%. After passing the BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist exam, each candidate receives the BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist certification.

The certification exam is administered by Van Haren Learning Solutions (the certification authority) on behalf of the Banking Industry Architecture Network e.V.

BIAN Data Architecture Certification Course Syllabus

This course is intended for professionals in the financial services industry especially data architects and data modelers, consultants and service providers to attain in-depth knowledge and practical understanding on BIAN BOM and information architecture.

Subjects covered include:

  • BIAN Business Object Modelling (BOM) approach to identity business object
  • Modelling business objects relationship relevant for financial industry
  • Understanding of the general design principles and elements of BIAN’s Architecture
  • The BIAN capability model
  • The BIAN Service Landscape
  • BIAN Service Domains
  • How to apply the BIAN Standard
  • How to assemble an enterprise blueprint

    The course provides foundational BIAN information to support:

    • More efficient and effective development and integration of software solutions for and between banks
    • Better industry integration and collaboration through the usage of open APIs
    • Evolution and adoption of shared third-party business services
    • Improved operational efficiency within and between banks
    • Greater solution and capability re-use within and among banks;
    • Significantly lower integration costs
    • Adoption of more flexible business service sourcing models
    • Effective engagement with FinTech and RegTech actors

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