Business Value Awareness Seminar


This high-level interactive workshop, led by an experienced, business-focused facilitator, is tailored for each customer. Our focus is on defining achievable BIAN transformation benefits in the context of your organization’s uniqueness.


  • Key Takeaway:  Clarity on effective governance and benefit realisation for a BIAN strategy
  • Audience:         Operational and technical leaders such as CIO, CTO, VP, GM, AVP, EA
  • Duration:          Up to four hours, across one or two sessions.
  • Mode:               Virtual instructor led (as standard)
  • Attendance:      10-15


Benefits Mapping and Metrics

  • What BIAN is — and is not
  • What are the high-value use cases for a BIAN initiative?
  • What might your successful BIAN strategy look like with a alignment to business goals, value metrics, and governance approach?
  • What value metrics should be used to track success?
  • What time-to-value expectation is realistic?
  • What are the risk management and governance essentials?
  • What are the opportunities for leveraging partners (e.g., embedded finance)?

Technical Readiness

  • What IT skills and training are required for a successful BIAN transformation?
  • What might need to change in software design and development paradigms?
  • What changes in data management practices are implied?
  • What are Information Security concerns will arise from this approach,?

Implementation Readiness

  • What are the stages of BIAN implementation?
  • What is the implication for project management and IT operations practices?
  • How will business teams, customers and partners be affected?
  • Where is best place to start?

Effective Governance

  • What are the key controls for monitoring implementations, IT operations, and business outcomes over time?
  • How should EA governance be adapted to a BIAN context?
  • Will you need to articulate new architecture and business principles, design rules, etc.

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