BIAN Service Offerings

CC&C leadership position in BIAN certification training, adoption, and implementation is helping banks to fast-track BIAN journey.


CC&C’s BIAN Service Offerings

The BIAN model can be challenging for organizations new to this approach. CC&C, an active participant in BIAN, has helped banks around address the complexities of BIAN adoption.

Based on a solid foundation of leadership seminars and technical training, our methodology can lead to successful implementation of a first use case within six to twelve months.

Leadership Awareness

BIAN adoption is not simply another IT project. As a professional architecture enablement firm, we know that success flows from clear-eyed co-creation of business and IT strategy.

This must be based on a shared understanding of how to connect the power of BIAN to high value use cases such as embedded finance and Open Banking, and how to realize and measure value outcomes.

Our half-day Leadership Awareness seminar helps you ensure the link from realistic outcomes to business goals is solidly defined. It also clarifies the governance framework needed for long term success.

Technical Awareness

BIAN represents a new paradigm in software design for banking. Many banks get off on the wrong foot by trying to apply existing software design, development and operational paradigms to this new approach.

Our Technical Awareness workshop model is designed to reset misplaced expectations and to help technology leaders be very clear about how to make the right choices to support workable solutions.

We help you choose a First Use Case that is value-driven, consistent with your culture, and of a suitable size and scope to enable an early win.

Technical Training

CC&C is the only company with a global BIAN training footprint. The team that helped create TOGAF Enterprise Architecture certification 20 years ago is now the leader in BIAN training world-wide.

Hands-on designers and developers of your BIAN solution should obtain BIAN Foundation certification at an early stage in the journey, learning a common language and the novel design approach.

Data specialists should also consider BIAN Data Architecture certification.

Designing Your First Use Case

Our Use Case Design Workshop is an intensive mix of classroom and team “homework” sessions. A Use Case chosen in the Technical Awareness workshops will be transformed into an implementable design.

This includes tailoring and building out relevant parts of the BIAN model to meet the bank’s specific needs in ways that will work within your technical, compliance and market constraints.

This design is the “cookbook” for your first BIAN implementation.

Proof of Value Implementation

Because the Use Case Design Workshop is focused on creating an design that can actually be implemented. you can choose to continue with this: to develop a production instance of the design.

Sometimes a shift in business priorities or increased technical understanding will trigger a “change of horses” so that the first production use case is changed. All the lessons learned and structural understanding make this a feasible choice.

At this point many banks will bring in IT Services partners to help with the implementation. CC&C can help train your partners. We can also act as an honest broker, working with you to ensure effective governance of design and value realization are kept in play as more players enter the frame.

The BIAN-Based Whole Bank Landscape

A background activity during the run-up to PoV Implementation is the first phase of developing a complete mapping of your companies key service landscape to the BIAN reference architecture.

This initial modeling will be complete for the First Use Case and serves as a template / skeleton for the later development of a full BIAN based architecture model specific to the bank.


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