Proof of Value Implementation

After learning to create a practical design for the chosen use case, the next stage in the BIAN journey is to use that selected use case (or to select a different one) as the basis for a POV implementation.

In this phase, the BIAN journey has moved from developing deep understanding, and has become a significant development project that normally takes 3‑6 months elapsed.

As with any other development project, it is essential to control a number of risk factors including:

  • Implementation Governance: Ensuring that design changes to the PoV target are documented and remain with the newly developed BIAN implementation guardrails.
  • Architecture Governance: The expected BIAN implementation guidelines will surely need to be changed in the course of this work. These changes should be captured, documented and incorporated into scalable BIAN “cookbook”.
  • Loss of focus: The first BIAN implementation will involve many peripheral actors who may not understand or see the point of a new way of working. Some level of oversight is needed to ensure that the project doesn’t drift away from its intent.
  • Control of third parties: It is likely that some degree of staff augmentation or full-scale outsourcing may come into the frame as part of the PoV work. Third parties providing development services need to be monitored by someone who can prioritize the business outcome of the PoV over any competing third-party interests

The role of CC&C consultants in this context would be Expert Solution Architect: acting as guides for this work on behalf of the bank, and continuing to support extended learning and knowledge transfer.

This would be a team-based engagement involving CC&C architects and relevant bank professionals. This role applies to the POC / POV phase and can also provide steady support during a later scaled-up rollout.

We would be the expert eyes overseeing those implementations on behalf of the bank. We bring a level of expertise and a quality of advocacy that would not be expected from a large systems integration company. We have a lot of experience with such companies and can help you to keep them honest and on point.


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