BIAN Fundamentals for Banking and Fintech Professionals

The purpose of BIAN Fundamentals training is to provide knowledge and comprehension of the BIAN Standard. Upon completion of this course, the candidate should be able to analyze and apply this knowledge in their day-to-day work and can successfully upgrade to BIAN Foundations Certification Exams.

This four-hour training session will focus on to help Banking Business Analysts, Technical Business Analyst and Business Process Analyst to get knowledge and comprehension of the BIAN Standard

Training objective:

  • Understanding BIAN in the context of modern digital banking
  • Importance, relevance and significance of BIAN
  • Key BIAN Design Concepts – what makes BIAN work

Course Outline

  • Key BIAN Design Concepts – what makes BIAN work?
    • It’s all about Componentization
    • A Different Model View, Service Centre Vs Process – an Example
    • BIAN Service Domains 
  • How to Apply the BIAN Model
    • BIAN Offers an Expanding Array of Design Content
    • BIAN Can Help Specify Point Solutions Using Different Technical Architectures
    • BIAN and the ‘Bank on a Page’ View can be used for Enterprise Decisioning

Target Audience

  • Banking Business Analyst
  • Technical Business Analyst
  • Domain Analyst
  • Business Process Analyst