BIAN Management Overview

Participants Will Gain a Good High-Level Understanding Of the BIAN Architecture and Its Importance, Relevance and Significance in the Context of Modern Digital Banking

Half a day session will focus on to help banking executives, banking product vendors, banking consultants, pre-sales teams, IT architecture teams to get a quick overview of BIAN architecture and its ecosystem.

Overview objective will focus on

  • Understanding BIAN in the context of modern digital banking
  • Importance, relevance and significance of BIAN
  • How to adopt BIAN in a BANK

Course Outline

  • Introduction to BIAN
  • BIAN, the Banking Industry Architecture Network 
  • BIAN service landscape, an overview
  • BIAN’s primary purpose and approach.
  • Introduction to BIAN’s primary purpose and approach 
  • Describe different approach to a well-established problem
  • Understanding the theory of BIAN
  • Introduction to understanding the theory of BIAN
  • Some key terms/concepts
  • Business capability partitions
  • Model Bank view, Bank on a Page and management perspectives
  • Key takeaways

Target Audience

  • Business Unit Heads
  • Business Managers
  • CIO 
  • CTO
  • Pre-sales Teams
  • Banking Consultants
  • IT Consultants
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Solutions Architects
  • Business Architects
  • Information Architects
  • Application Architects
  • Domain Architects
  • Cloud Architects
  • Security Architects